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The Andreana Research Group

Carbohydrate-based Vaccines, Small Molecule Synthesis, Immunology, Immunotherapy   

News '15-'16

Academic Year 


Group News!

June 11-12th

Happy Birth Day Stuart! Looking forward to it!

June 1st

Mengchao Shi, a fifth year graduate student in the group will graduate this summer!

June 1st

Kevin Trabbic, a fifth year graduate student in the group will graduate this summer!

June 1st

Sharmeen Nishat, a fifth year graduate student in the group will graduate this summer!

May 8th

Congratulations Amar! Proud father of a baby boy!

May 5th

Sharmeen Nishat publishes a review paper in Vaccines (MDPI) titled "Entirely Carbohydrate-based Vaccines: An Emerging Field for Specific and Selective Immune Responses". A job well done Sharmeen! Please see here manuscript here! 

May 1st

Gurdat Premnauth will graduate with an MS degree and then pursue PhD studies at the University of Cincinnati.

April 30th

Congratulations to Ms. Therese Gabrielle Hymel, an undergraduate student student in the AndreanaGroup, who was just awarded the prestigious FYSRE for her work on capsular polysaccaride PS A1. Details of the award can be found here!

April 28th

Congratulations are in order for Prof. Andreana as he was promoted to Full Professor. See the University's UT News for the formal announcement.

April 25th

Post-doctoral associate, Dr. Samir Ghosh and 5th year graduate student, Sharmeen Nishat, publish the first total synthesis of a polysaccharide repeating unit from Streptococcus dysgalactiae 2023 in the Journal of Organic Chemistry. Furthermore, they conjugated their synthetic tetrasaccharide to immune stimulating polysaccharide PS A1 for the first ever semisynthetic entirely bacterial vaccine construct. A job well done! You can check out their work here!

April 20th

Congratulations are in order for Dr. Amar Maddirala as he was bestowed a PhD from The University of Toledo. Amar is Prof. Andreana's first UT PhD student. Way to go Amar! You can check out his work here!

April 6th

Congratulations are in order for second year graduate student Mr. Kristopher Kleski in his successful defense for his PhD candidacy.

April 4th

Congratulations are in order for second year graduate student Mr. Pradheep Eradi in his successful defense for his PhD candidacy.

March 31st

Amar Maddirala has accepted a post-doctoral position in the labs of Dr. James Janetka at the University of Washington, St. Louis. He is now preparing to defend his dissertation. More news to come!

March 15th

Dr. Jean-Paul Bourgault, an Andreana PhD student, has accepted an industrial post-doctoral position at Albany Molecular Research Inc. in Albany, NY. Dr. Bourgault graduated in August of 2015 and will start his new position in April of 2016. Congratulations to Jean-Paul and much continued success.

February 25th

Congratulations to Kevin Trabbic on his just accepted Org. Biol. Chem. manuscript. The work represents the first ever TACA-PS B conjugate and will undoubtedly pave the way for future work in our lab. Clearly this work could not have been accomplished without the help of others and in the spirit of collaborations! See our group's publications here.

February 12th

Prof. Andreana will travel to Old Dominion University to give a talk titled: "Entirely Carbohydrate Vaccine Constructs that are Specific and Selective for Cancer"

January 11th

Prof. Andreana will teach Advanced Chemistry CHEM 8410/6410/4410 Organic Synthesis. See this link for info!

January 1st

Prof. Andreana becomes the Treasurer of The International Carbohydrate Organization (ICO).

December 15-20th

Prof. Andreana will attend the Pacifichem Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii! and present research from Dr. Jean-Paul Bourgault, Mr. Amar Maddirala and Ms. Nasim Esmati detailing multicomponent coupling reactions.

November 17th

Congratulations are in order for Amar Maddirala who just got his manuscript accepted in European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 196-209! Check out our group's publications here.

October 23-24th

Congratulations are in order for Dr. Samir Ghosh and Mr. Kevin Trabbic for presenting their work at the 11th Annual Midwest Carbohydrate and Glycobiology Symposium (MCGS) at Cleveland State University over this past weekend. Both gentlemen did quite well and received some excellent feedback on their work. Great job boys!

October 23-24th

August 27th

It brings both great joy and a deep feeling of sadness to know Jean-Paul Bourgault has graduated and will be leaving the group. Dr. Bourgault's enormous contributions to ALL areas of our research will not be forgotten. The entire group recognizes Jean-Paul as a scholar and a gentleman and wants to wish him the best success in all of his future endeavors! See our farewell pictures here!

August 24th

Congratulations to Ahmad and Sharmeen for their publication in Organic Letters. Please see here for the .pdf.

August 24th

Prof. Andreana will teach CHEM 2410 Organic Chemistry I