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The Andreana Research Group

Carbohydrate-based Vaccines, Small Molecule Synthesis, Immunology, Immunotherapy   

Academic Year  '13-'14

Group News!

August '14

Trabbic and Andreana will attend the Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy: Delivering the Promise Conference at the NIH campus, Bethesda, MD in October. They will deliver a poster titled "Investigation of Anti-Cancer Entirely Carbohydrate Constructs Tn-PS A1 and TF-PS B".

August '14

Andreana will attend the ACS Meeting in San Francisco. He was invited to give a talk regarding the group's work on coupling reactions in the Domino and Rearrangement Reactions in Carbohydrate Chemistry.

August '14

Prof. Andreana will visit New Mexico State University in November '14. 

August '14

Prof. Andreana will visit the University of Toronto towards the end of this month (August).

July '14

Bourgault and Maddirala get their Thaxtomin A paper accepted. Way to go guys! See it here.

June '14

Another paper accepted! A collaborative effort between the Andreana group (UT) and the Abu-Soud group (C.S. Mott Center). Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry. Click here for more information.

May '14

The Andreana group, some family members and friends go to Cedar Point. Although the weather didn't cooperate as it should have (it rained and was a tad bit cold), everyone had fun and didn't have to wait long in the infamous Cedar Point cues to ride the roller-coasters. Have a look at the pictures here!

April '14

Ghosh, a postdoctoral associate in the Andreana group, publishes his paper about the synthesis of an aminooxy derivative of Gb3. Awesome job! See it here.

April '14

Nishat, Trabbic, Shi, and Maddirala successfully defend their 3rd year literature presentation. Although the boss had a lot of editing to do in a short time-frame, the talks went very well. Congratulations!

April '14

Esmati successfully defends her dissertation ideas. Way to go Nasim!

March '14

De Silva and Trabbic team up to publish a paper concerning characterization of vaccine constructs. Medicinal Chemistry Communication. A tremendous job well done! See it here.

March '14

Bourgault, Trabbic and Shi publish their work about the TF synthesis and conjugation thereof to zwitterionic polysaccharide PS A1. Furthermore, cover art is shown in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry. Fantastic job! Read about their work AND the cover art, which was designed and illustrated by artist Miss Rachel A. Bourgault here.